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Step One

Designing your garden begins with a meeting at your home, where we will discuss your wishes in detail and have a walk around your garden.

Step Two

Next, I will prepare a written Brief and Quotation for the design. When this is agreed by you, a detailed site survey will take place.

A Concept is then drawn up showing a layout, sketches and moods created by planting and materials. We will meet again and talk through the proposals, and I will hear your feedback.

Step Three

The Master Plan will now be drawn up, incorporating any changes that you may have made. This is a highly detailed drawing, ensuring quality in materials and workmanship.

A Planting Plan will be prepared as well, specifying plants which are appropriate to your maintenance requirements, the growing conditions in your garden, and which will work together beautifully with the overall design.

Step Four

When you are 100% happy with the design I will arrange for competitive quotations for the construction, or, if you prefer, introduce you to recommended landscape contractors.

You may also wish for me to monitor the progress and quality of the work, helping you to make informed decisions if the need arises.

Step Five

I will supply plants and plant, or arrange for the contractors to plant, depending on the scale of the project. Sometimes Clients like to get involved and help to plant, you are welcome to join in!

Further Services

I can also prepare a monthly maintenance schedule for you so that you can care for your garden with confidence.
I offer advice at a simple hourly rate, and gift cards are available, so if you have a friend or partner who wants to sort out the garden this is a good opportunity to get them started!
Please call or email me for more information. All of the services are flexible, and I will happily adjust them to suit you.